We, members of the academic and administrative staff, initiate, develop, and undertake the principles guiding this covenant. These are based on the legacy of Arab Islamic culture as an active partner in the cultural heritage of humanity. We are proud of the College’s achievements which reflect an organizational culture and a world view, substantiated on the dignity of humans; their respect and welfare; freedom of choice and expression; the production and dissemination of knowledge; quality and excellence. Al-Qasemi Academy, being a pioneer academic institution, leads processes of growth in the Arab society in Israel, while aspiring to be an academic institution of unique contribution to international spheres.

We hereby pledge to act for the promotion and implementation of the following:
  • Developing and spreading the College’s unique approach to Islamic studies, anchored in thorough, critical and comparative studies by Moslem and non Moslem scholars, an approach that promotes humanistic dialogue among religions and cultures.
  • Developing human resources, while emphasizing human rights and women’s empowerment as foremost priorities.
  • Continuous promotion of personal and organizational excellence, in accordance with quality standards.
  • Constant aspiring to the achievement, creation and spreading of knowledge by promoting authentic research and developing innovative approaches in education, society and organization.
  • Developing a rich stimulating, and challenging, educational environment, one that encourages personal and professional development in an open humanistic ambience.
  • Coping courageously with controversial issues and giving voice to cultural diversity and differences among approaches.
  • Creating partnerships and cooperation with academic institutions and entities in local, national, Arab, Islamic and international spheres.
  • Nurturing civil dialogue among different communities in the Israeli society, as basis for shared life, founded on equality and respect for the cultural identities of others.

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