Department of Informal Education

The program is designed to train teachers in accordance with pedagogical, social and modern education principles, and to meet the challenges of educating the younger generation who will lead change and development in their communities. Therefore, the program aims to graduate future teachers who are confident, enjoy emotional maturity, has the ability to analyze, draw conclusions, and provide solutions, and influence the design of education and social policy.

Students take courses in sociology, philosophy, psychology, education and and multiculturalism in informal education organizations. Learners are exposed to informal educational models, principles of informal education and social pedagogy that are compatible with the changing and renewed reality of the 21st century. They also acquire tools to integrate information technology into education and become familiar with different sources of budgets in informal educational frameworks. Students also take workshops that are related to group counseling and simulation-based learning. They also get involved in the Practical Education Program from their second-year in which they develop community and educational projects and start to prepare for their future career.

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